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Jun 6, 2017 |

Before we proceed with this article, please know that you are beautiful the way you are and you have the right to embrace your body without any complications. However, if you are in the mood to make yourself even more beautiful, just like a boost to your beauty there are many ways that you could do it. We have listed out some ways in which you can try to make yourself even prettier than you are right now below.

Treat those eye bags and dark circles

Many of us are worried that our eyes are comparatively darker than the colour of the skin of our face and that’s going to be highlighted in a bad light. Firstly, it is not true as your dark circles are a way of naturally expressing your beauty. Secondly, you could look at options such as eyelid surgery where it is also known as eye lift or blepharoplasty where the eye bags are removed by balancing the top lid and the bottom half of your eyes. It is simply a measure to lift the skin around the eye and treat them cosmetically to look younger and fuller.

Take care of the abs

Abs or the abdominal muscles are a huge representation of the fat build-up of the body and a protruded stomach shows that you are a bit on the edge of being fat or obese. Maybe you are not an unhealthy eater and it is genetically the way it is. It is a mark of your beauty but however, aside from doing regular exercises and eating healthy and clean, you could try other ways such as laser liposuction as it will melt away the stubborn fat deposited among the abdominal muscles of your body. It is a painless method where the fat is melted and is passed away with your bodily waste such as urine or faecal matter so you will not have any gross clean-up process t face and it if absolutely pain-free. Most likely you will be able to observe the process in front of your eyes and it is going to be a life changing day for you for sure.

Treat the skin

The colour that you are born with is the best skin colour you could ever have however, if you want to make it look even better, there are many herbal and Ayurveda based skin care routines and techniques with lesser side effects and can make your skin glow naturally from within. These are proven by the historical Ayurveda practices around the world and can naturally lighten up your skin.

If unable to, there are many skin care creams and other cosmetics available in the market for you’re to apply directly on to the skin and also in the form of tablets which can be swallowed. They too can make your skin look lighter and brighter as an edge to your already beautiful skin.

Hair and nails

Especially for girls hair and the nails matter most as they love to flaunt about them. Your hair and nails are beautiful and they are meant to be the way they are without a doubt. However, you could try some volume enhancing tablets and other treatments to increase the volume and give a natural shine to your hair and your nails. If your nails break off easily, then there are many nail strengthening treatments available to make your nails grow and stop discolouring and other forms of nail breakage.

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