What Keratin Bond In Salon Services Can Do For You?

Mar 24, 2017 |

Keratin is gaining popularity in many salon applications. That is because it is a beneficial protein form that can help supplement as well as enhance natural mane growth and ensure healthy scalp conditions. There are bonding applications that make use of keratin as well.

What are keratin mane extensions?

Those who look for hair extensions want such applications to be long lasting. Hair specialist clinics or salons have different kinds of extension products on offer such as remy human hair extensions. You might consider keratin based hair extensions as these are long lasting and beneficial for your scalp health. Such hair extensions are treated with keratin based adhesives. The amount of keratin used will differ in hair extensions and the extensions could be attached to your hair with clips, glue or thermal fusion method. It is a popular and reliable method of attaching hair extensions that are often referred to by celebrity hair stylists.

Benefits of keratin based mane extensions

When you opt for human hair extensions, you would want lasting results. Hence, keratin based hair extensions are a good choice as such extensions are known to last for long, several months that is more than the usual tenure of other hair extension products.

Keratin is the natural protein that forms our hair and nails. Hence, when a keratin based adhesive is used for bonding artificial or human hair with existing hair for a person, the bond is a lasting one. Usually the keratin based hair extensions create bonds that last three or four months after which one needs to get them re bonded or replaced. There is a superior category of keratin adhesive that can help keep hair extensions bonded for seven or more months.

What you need to know?

Extensions are usually applied by single strands of hair, which helps to create lasting results. Usually a heat wand is used to apply the hair extensions. A bunch of hair strands is held together by keratin adhesive and fused with the real hair strands of the person undergoing the extension process. When you wish to get superior extensions it is best to get keratin based hair extensions. You can research on hair salon services in your area to identify the right salon to get such a treatment done. You need the right kind of expertise for getting hair bonding or extensions done. Find a hair stylist or expert who has listed his or her services for similar work. Many have detailed profiles online as well as through salons where they are associated with.

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